S 4 Ep 6 – Pregnancy in Canada | Ashley from Scotland

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Pregnancy in Canada

This episode’s guest is Ashley from Glasgow, Scotland, who moved to Burlington, Ontario in 2019.

Ashley’s son was born in Scotland – Shortly followed by the birth of her daughter here in Canada. As she’s experienced both, Ashley is here to highlight the differences that she’s noticed when having a baby using the UK’s National Health Service vs. The Canadian Healthcare system.

Together, we chat about:

  • UK vs. Canada: Weather, cost of living, retail stores, and beyond.
  • What it’s like having a Scottish accent in Canada; including the struggle using drive-thru’s!
  • The benefits of raising children in Canada despite losing your support system from back home.
  • Pregnancy in Canada: What to expect throughout the medical experience (including choosing your hospital and caregiver, booking appointments, postpartum care, and beyond.)

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