S 4 Ep 16 – LIVE: Speed Immigration Stories | Toronto Newcomer Day – May 23

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For this special episode, I’m LIVE on the ground at Toronto’s ‘Newcomer Day’ that took place on May 23. Armed with my portable microphone, I wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “TALK TO ME: Share your immigration story on the New to Canada podcast” and I was excited to connect with 11 internationals:

  • Sophie from Ireland
  • Johnny from Lebanon
  • Samantha from Malaysia + Australia
  • Joseph from Nigeria 
  • Olha from Ukraine
  • Andrey from Israel
  • Leah from Kenya
  • Zahid from Pakistan
  • Wafaa from France + Morocco
  • Enrique from Venezuela
  • Julia from Ukraine

In this episode, you can hear a few minutes from each guest as they share when they made the big move (ranging from 6 months to 20 years!), the struggles they faced, the wins they’re proud of, and their best piece of advice for other newcomers arriving in Canada today.

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