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Trust me: You aren’t the only one! We all feel homesick, isolated or confused after moving abroad – This is the place where you can listen to real-life, relatable stories of how other newcomers have overcome these common challenges.

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Be inspired by other newcomers’ achievements and learn how they built successful careers, friendships, businesses and more. Then, confidently apply these examples to achieve your own Canadian goals.

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Because who has time to scroll through thousands of immigration lawyers, real estate agents, settlement services, and career coaches? Kick that overwhelm to the curb and get introduced to approachable and trusted professionals.

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Podcast Interviews

Receive our monthly round-up of podcast interviews with other internationals living in Canada. Learn all about where they are from in the world, why they chose Canada as their new home and the important lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

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Online Community & Events

Due to the recent shift towards a more virtual world, we are now offering online Zoom socials for us to network and help each other face to face on a regular basis! Join us to be notified…

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Be the very first to know about our upcoming product launches! We’re talking valuable tools tailor-made to help support newcomers to Canada.

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