S 4 Ep 15 – LIVE: Moving to Canada Party

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Recently, I hosted a live online event, my ‘Moving to Canada’ party!

Not only was it SO much fun to meet and get to know you all in person, but it was also PACKED with so much value. It seemed crazy not to publish it here on the show for you all to experience…

I’m joined by Career coach, Michelle Ashley, and together we tackle the two biggest areas of struggle that I see newcomers to Canada face, again and again:

  1. 👉 CAREER: Navigating the Canadian job market and rebuilding your success abroad.
  2. 👉 EMOTIONS: Finding your support network and feeling settled and ‘at home’.

If you listen to just ONE episode of this podcast, this is the one. I’m so excited to share all this advice with you.

Links & Resources:

  • Join us inside the New to Canada Academy: Learn more – Save $50 with promo code PODCAST50 (valid for 14 days)
  • Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! https://thenewcomercollective.com/canada-tips/
  • Join Career Strategist, Michelle, for a free webinar: “Navigating the Job Market with Clarity and Strategy”  – Together you’ll cut through the job search noise, focus on gaining clarity about your ideal job, understand yourself better, and apply effective strategies to land that perfect role. Learn More
  • Use free online AI tool to scan your resume and get actionable tips to improve it: Jobscan.co

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