S 1 Ep 4 – Culture Shock | Ashleigh from Australia

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Culture Shock is the disorientating feeling that you don’t quite “fit in” with the customs, attitudes, daily life or communication in your new home. In this episode, Ashleigh Baker, an Australian expat living in Vancouver, shares her personal experience with culture shock in her career; and runs through the different ways that it could be manifesting itself for you. We then chat about reverse culture shock: When you go back to your native country and suddenly feel like a foreigner! Yet another crazy symptom of moving abroad.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All you need to know about life in Sydney, Australia!
  • Some simple examples of how culture shock can show up in your life and how to turn it into a positive.
  • The best mindset change to implement if you experience the reverse when visiting your home country.

PLUS, Toronto vs. Vancouver: Hear the comparison from someone who has lived and worked in both cities and her best advice for how you can decide where in Canada to live!

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