S 4 Ep 9 – Camping Tips | Audrey from Parks Canada

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Camping Tips

Searching for some camping tips as you head out into Canada’s National Parks this summer? Look no further! This episode’s guest, Audrey Levesque, is a Canadian camping expert who has worked with Parks Canada for over 20 years.

Canada’s diverse NATURE is one of the main reasons that newcomers give for moving here and Parks Canada manages and protects many of the most special places it has to offer – 171 national historic sites, 47 national parks and 5 national marine conservation areas to be exact!

Join us as Audrey shares her experiences working in some of Canada’s most beautiful and interesting spots, as well as her best advice for making the most of your campsite.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Living in Nova Scotia: What to expect from the summer season.
  • An update on the ongoing wildfires burning across Canada.
  • What is Parks Canada, why was it created and the important work that it does.
  • The “Graveyard of the Atlantic”: Audrey’s favourite posting after working with Parks Canada for 20+ years.
  • Front vs Back-country camping, as well as the various “glamping” options available.
  • How to reserve your National Park campsite and the fees to expect.
  • The endless list of activities you can take advantage of during your visit.
  • Leave no trace: Tips for keeping the parks clean and avoiding unwelcome wildlife visitors(!)
  • Camping safety and etiquette.

PLUS, all about the ‘Learn to Camp’ overnight program if you’d like your first camping experience to be with an expert.

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