S 4 Ep 7 – Unlock Canada | Roberto from Mexico

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Roberto was just 18 years old when he moved from Mexico to Canada to be an international student. 17 years later, he’s built a successful career and family life in Canada and he’s here to share with us the ups and downs of his journey.

Today, Roberto gives back to the newcomer community through his work at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. They run the Citizenship ceremonies that you’ll attend when you eventually get that all-important Canadian passport; as well as their incredible (FREE!) app Canoo – which grants Permanent Residents & Citizens free or discounted access passes to many of Canada’s best attractions, parks, and experiences.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All about growing up in Durango, Mexico.
  • Roberto’s “small” university experience: Attending the separate Glendon Campus of York University, and the benefits of gaining a Canadian education.
  • Buying his first winter jacket and boots in Canada!
  • A 17-year newcomer rollercoaster: Missing your family, building true friendships, and how long it really takes for Canada to feel like ‘home’.
  • Canadian Citizenship: Do you feel any different once you have that special blue passport?!
  • Roberto’s work at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship: What to expect at their Citizenship Ceremonies, as well as the various ways they challenge the barriers faced by immigrants and advocate for change.
  • ‘Unlocking’ Canada with the FREE Canoo app: How Permanent Residents and new Citizens of Canada can take advantage of discounted travel, attractions, national parks, and more.

PLUS, find out what happens when a brand-new Mexican immigrant tries to “hail” a Toronto public bus like a taxi…

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