S 4 Ep 4 – Workplace Culture in Canada | Lindsay from the USA

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All Ears English - S4 EP4

Ever wondered what the workplace culture in Canada is like?  Turns out that there can be a lot of unexpected differences to get your head around when you first start your career here.

From the amount of paid time off you are entitled to, to the famous American “hustle” culture, to how much time you spend socialising with your colleagues after work. In this episode, I’m joined by Lindsay McMahon, co-host of the immensely popular podcast All Ears English (which is downloaded a whopping 8 million times per month globally!) to discuss…

Together, we compare what various business etiquettes you can expect here in the Great White North, and how they may differ from other countries like the USA, Japan, and the UK. We chat about team collaboration, decision-making, and how employees can expect to receive feedback – As well as share some valuable tips for making connections with your colleagues if English is your second language.

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