S 3 Ep 9 – Loving Your Accent | Elizabeth from Colombia

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If English is your second language and you’ve recently moved to an English-speaking country, this is the episode for you! I’m joined by the wonderful Elizabeth who moved from Colombia to Canada in 2016. She chats with us about her experience with new and unexpected insecurities about herself and her accent when she first arrived. We also discuss what it’s like growing up in the coffee axis of Colombia, how to set the right expectations for your big move, and how to unapologetically embrace who. you. are.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Growing up in the Coffee Axis of Colombia.
  • The differences between Colombian and Canadian coffee drinking habits!
  • Culture shock: Matching Colombian high energy with a slower-paced Canadian life.
  • Big cities vs. Small rural towns in Canada…
  • Some tips for starting your living abroad experience in a more positive light (e.g. no comparison, complaining or expectations!)
  • How to deal with new and unexpected insecurities when English is your 2nd language.
  • A simple reality check if you’re endlessly “chasing happiness”

PLUS, what a Colombian *really* thinks about Canadian New Years Eve “parties”…

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