S 3 Ep 2 – Building Meaningful Connections | Jan from Germany

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When we move to a new country, we all have the same mission: To grow some meaningful connections with those around us in our new home. But what happens instead? We attend lots of events but end up talking about the weather… or what we do… and we leave with a list of new contacts but no *real* relationships. This episode’s guest is Jan Keck who moved from Germany to Toronto back in 2008. He shares some valuable tips for introducing yourself to strangers, and then how to nourish and grow both your new and existing connections so that you can finally find yourself surrounded by YOUR people.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Growing up in Germany: All things Oktoberfest, beer, castles, and Christmas markets!
  • How Jan scored a scholarship to study in Toronto and went from an active member of a thriving community to knowing just one person in his new city.
  • After 6 years of struggling to build his network, how attending a personal development retreat by accident gave him 30 new friends in 48 hours and changed the way he looked at human connection.
  • Small Talk Detox: Not a single person really “wants” to talk about the weather! How you can rephrase your questions to stimulate more meaningful conversations.
  • Some valuable tips for overcoming the anxiety of introducing yourself to a stranger. Including “visual conversation starters” to look out for or to make yourself stand out.
  • Next steps: How to maintain and grow both your new and existing relationships by going deeper and being more vulnerable.

PLUS, find out how long it takes to walk up the 1,776 steps of the CN Tower (Jan has done it 3 times!)

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