S 3 Ep 16 – Peace by Chocolate | Tareq from Syria

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Sometimes a story comes along that every person on earth should hear – The story of Tareq Hadhad and his family is one of them.

A once displaced Syrian refugee, Tareq is now a Canadian CEO and a public speaker who tours the country to inspire audiences, advocate for immigration, humanize refugees, and share his family’s incredible story of survival.

In this episode, he walks us through his family’s journey from a loving, peaceful life in their home city of Damascus, Syria, to losing everything overnight and fleeing for their lives.

After 3 years as refugees with little opportunity or hope, Tareq and his family were offered a second chance – to start again in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Listen to hear Tareq’s journey to becoming Canadian, the whirlwind of support and love he’s experienced from his new home, and how he and his father have built their successful chocolate company ‘Peace by Chocolate’ so that they can give back to those less fortunate than them.

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