S 2 Ep 6 – Making Mates Abroad | Tim from New Zealand

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For many, the scariest part of moving abroad is not knowing anyone and having to find new people to hang out with… This episode’s guest is Tim Butler who moved from New Zealand to Vancouver in June 2019 to get himself out of a rut, challenge himself and experience the great Canadian outdoors. Tim shares how he has quickly built a solid social circle through hostels, sports and clubs – and how you can too. And how the power of the expat community can really help you along the way.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Tim’s experience growing up in a rural town near Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Addressing those Kiwi stereotypes (e.g. all blacks, lord of the rings, bungee jumping and sheep sheep sheep…)
  • How Tim spent his 1st winter in Canada training for an ultra marathon and running 30+km through snow!
  • West vs East coast weather in Canada.
  • Making mates abroad: How to use hostels, sports and clubs to meet new people.
  • The power of the expat community and ‘giving back’: Losing his job due to the pandemic and how his connections came through to help get him a new career opportunity within hours.

PLUS, how dangerous the word ‘deck’ can be for a Kiwi abroad…

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