S 2 Ep 5 – Optimistic Expat | Eleni from Zimbabwe + Greece

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Being an optimistic expat is a lot harder than it looks. Culture shock and homesickness can be really difficult to shake, especially during those first few years of living abroad.

This episode’s guest is the wonderfully positive Eleni who describes herself as a Zimbabwean Greek Cypriot – and soon to be Canadian! She moved to Toronto in 2017 with her husband and then 11-year-old daughter and spent a long time feeling isolated. She shares her best advice for how to embrace the journey, cope with winter temperatures, and help your family to adjust to the big move. We also learn about her adventurous life growing up in Zimbabwe, then living in Greece, London, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Her addictive sunshine and positive outlook will give you the boost you need!

You don’t want to miss:

  • Growing up in Harare, Zimbabwe with Greek & Cypriot parents.
  • “I don’t know where I’m heading but I cannot wait to get there”: Eleni’s itchy-feet adventures living in Greece, London, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Moving to Canada with an 11-year-old daughter and how she helped her from feeling unsettled to finally loving life in Canadian middle school.
  • Overcoming culture shock: How she found it difficult to make friends without the “coffee moms” at the school gates.
  • Insider insights into family life in Toronto: Which neighbourhoods to choose and her favourite parts of the city.
  • Some simple tips to ensure your children keep in touch with their roots.

PLUS, what it’s like to experience Halloween for the 1st time and how to decorate your house for each Canadian holiday!

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