S 2 Ep 19 – Montréal, Vancouver or Toronto? | Sarah from England

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Montréal, Vancouver, or Toronto? If you’re stuck choosing between these 3 beautiful Canadian cities, we’ve got you covered! This episode’s guest is Sarah from England and she has lived long-term in all 3 places since moving to Canada in 2008. She tells us the pros and cons of each – Including whether or not French language skills are vital for a life in Montréal. She also shares her journey from being burnt-out working in the Canadian film industry to becoming an inspiring coach for creative entrepreneurs – and how YOU can also make money doing something you truly love.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Two English girls from Kent & Hertfordshire chatting about the London music scene and the dreaded British weather…
  • What it’s like to have an English accent in Canada and the differences in vocabulary and turns of phrases!
  • Sarah’s experience moving to Canada as part of a university exchange back in 2006, then returning 2 years later on a one-way plane ticket to Vancouver.
  • Do I need to learn French to live in Montréal?
  • Toronto vs. Vancouver vs. Montréal: What it’s really like to live long-term in each city!

PLUS, rejecting the “hustle” mindset and following the fun: How to monetize your creative passion project and create income streams from things you are actually passionate about…

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