S 2 Ep 18 – Conquering Fear | Carlotta from Italy

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Conquering fear. Stopping those ‘what ifs’ that are holding you back. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. If these are some of your goals, then this is the episode for you!

This week, I chat with Carlotta Crestanello from Italy whose story is a little different… She didn’t want to move to Canada at all! Her Dad forced her on a plane to Vancouver against her will back in 2013 and just 2 days later, Carlotta knew that she had found her true home. Together, we give you the ultimate pep talk for kicking fear to the curb, using it as fuel, and pushing through towards personal growth and success.

You don’t want to miss:

  • The magic of Italy and growing up in the small town of Vicenza!
  • How Carlotta’s dad forced her to spend a month in Canada and she boarded the plane crying… 2 days later, she knew that Vancouver had her heart.
  • The beauty of having 2 homes: How Carlotta has never felt homesick and some tips to unconditionally embrace a new place.
  • Being an enthusiastic Italian ‘hugger’ and adapting to how different cultures greet each other!
  • Conquering Fear: Our ULTIMATE pep talk on how to get out of your own way, leave your comfort zone, and kick your fear to the curb.

PLUS, what happens when you bring an English & an Italian together for a podcast episode after the 2020 Euro cup final….

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