S 2 Ep 15 – International Student to Entrepreneur | Assel from Kazakhstan

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Do you see yourself transforming from international student to entrepreneur? 

Owning your own business in Canada is a dream that a lot of newcomers share and this episode’s guest is no different! Assel Beglinova moved from Kazakhstan to Toronto in 2012. She shares her story of learning English with a host family and now, 9 years later, launching her own FinTech venture called ‘Minance’ that helps solo entrepreneurs manage their money.  Assel shares her top tips to succeed as both an international student as well as a business owner in Canada and her motivational advice will get your entrepreneurial energy flowing! She reminds us to get out of our own way, be our biggest cheerleaders, and just do it

You don’t want to miss:

  • All about growing up in one of the safest countries in the world: Kazakhstan.
  • Assel’s experience as an international student in Toronto, staying with a Canadian host family, and learning English.
  • Her top 3 tips for soon-to-be or newly arrived international students.
  • The biggest lessons she’s learnt whilst building her business in Canada.

PLUS, what someone from Kazakhstan REALLY thinks about the fictional character ‘Borat’…!!

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