S 2 Ep 14 – Yoga & Community Abroad | Elisabet from Spain

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Finding a supportive community abroad can make the world of difference when you are struggling to adjust. Sometimes all you need to feel more settled and happy is to know that you are not alone. In this episode, I chat with Elisabet Camprubi who moved from Spain to Toronto in 2012. When she found herself struggling with loneliness, culture shock and language barriers, Elisabet turned to yoga and quickly realised the life-changing benefits that it can bring to someone starting over abroad. She shares with us the importance of slowing down and listening to yourself, and introduces us to her newly launched community: Newcomers Thru Yoga.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All about growing up in the Spanish countryside!
  • Elisabet’s experience moving to Toronto in 2012 to learn English with a Canadian family.
  • 7 years in Canada: Study Permit to Work Permit to Permanent Residency to Citizenship.
  • The downside of Canada’s multiculturalism: The difficulty understanding all of the different accents!
  • How Elisabet was able to find a job in her field in just 2 months.
  • Some valuable advice if you are currently feeling lonely.
  • The benefits of yoga after moving abroad: How Elisabet built a yoga routine to give herself time to pause, reflect, and make sense of her emotions and goals.

PLUS, all about Elisabet’s newly launched community for internationals in Canada: ‘Newcomers Thru Yoga’

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