S 2 Ep 12 – Immigration Challenges: Never Give Up | Itir from Turkey

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Legally immigrating to a new country doesn’t always go to plan. In this episode, Itir shares her story of finally living her Canadian dream when she came to study in Toronto, only to face immigration challenges and be forced to return to Turkey. Her determination to research Canadian immigration pathways and to keep nurturing her network from abroad is an inspiring reminder to never give up on your goals. We chat about life in Istanbul, how she found a job in Canada whilst overseas and she gives us the low-down on the Toronto dating scene!

You don’t want to miss:

  • Istanbul: The hidden hipster lifestyle of a city that never sleeps!
  • What it’s like to grow up in a transcontinental country: Waking up in Asia and commuting to Europe for work every day.
  • Her experience moving to Toronto for postgraduate study and using couch surfing and live music events to meet new people.
  • Itir’s Heartbreak: Having to leave Canada when her work permit expired and readjust to life back in Turkey.
  • How she never gave up on her dream of returning to Canada: Her journey from immigration challenges to finally getting Permanent Residency.
  • Some tips for finding a job in Canada whilst you’re living overseas.
  • Living abroad in your 20s vs. in your 30s!

PLUS, what the dating scene in Toronto is REALLY like…

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