S 2 Ep 11 – Finding a Job in Canada | Sharvari from India

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Finding a job in Canada is one of the biggest hurdles that newcomers face. With limited knowledge of the Canadian labour market, job application standards, workplace culture, and zero network, it really isn’t surprising. Luckily, there are various government-funded programs that are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. One of these programs is Canada InfoNet. In this episode, I chat with the program’s manager, Sharvari Jois, who moved to Canada 10 years ago from Bangalore, India. She shares vital advice for both pre-arrival and post-arrival internationals who are finding the Canadian job search process challenging.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Sharvari’s experience growing up in Bangalore, India, and how much she misses the monsoon season.
  • 10 years in Canada: The advice she would give to herself if she could go back in time to when she was first finding a job in Canada.
  • Her best tips for adapting to Canada’s more specialized roles and job titles, not hearing back from employers, and knowing when to take a break from job hunting to avoid burnout.
  • The power of volunteering: How to build on your international work experience and expand your network.
  • The hidden job market and how to find it.
  • Transferable skills: How to include them effectively in your resume so you can apply for jobs outside of your experience.

PLUS, all about the IRCC-funded Canada InfoNet Program and its incredible (free!) career services that you can take advantage of if you’re currently pre-arrival.

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