S 1 Ep 8 – Canadian Work Experience | Adobea from Ghana

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Have you been told that you “lack Canadian work experience” after applying for a job? This episode’s guest, Adobea Foli, moved from Ghana, Africa to Vancouver 5 years ago. She explains what employers actually mean when they give this rejection reason and what newcomers can do to boost their credibility and improve their hiring chances in Canada. We also chat about her life growing up in Ghana, her jet-set childhood visiting family around the world and her first impressions of Vancouver as a nature-avoiding city girl.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Learn about Adobea’s life growing up in Ghana, Africa.
  • Where to go to experience Ghanaian culture in Vancouver.
  • What employers really mean when they say you “lack Canadian work experience”…
  • The simple ways to boost your credibility and correctly present your international experience to a Canadian employer on your resume.
  • Where to go to find volunteering opportunities and make connections.

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