S 1 Ep 5 – Starting a Business in Canada | Karla from Mexico

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Starting a business in Canada is a goal that many immigrants strive towards. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you that it IS achievable. Enter this episode’s guest: Karla Briones. Karla is a serial immigrant entrepreneur who helps other newcomers launch and grow successful businesses of their own. In this episode, we learn where her passion came from as she shares her family’s immigration story. Leaving instability and drug cartel violence behind, Karla and her family drove for 5 days in a U-Haul from Mexico to Canada. Their resulting journey of relentless setbacks and unbreakable ambition will leave you in awe.

You don’t want to miss:

  • The story of her father’s unwavering determination to recertify as a veterinarian in Canada and open his own hospital.
  • The first thing Karla says to an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • How to tackle Imposter Syndrome (or what Karla calls: the itty bitty sh*y committee!)
  • Where to go to find your “tribe” of fellow risk-takers.
  • The simple way to build trust with your customers and boost sales.

PLUS, what a Mexican truly thinks about Canadian “salsa”….

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