S 1 Ep 18 – Living Abroad during COVID-19 | Raquel from Portugal

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to people around the world. The ways in which it has affected individuals and families are countless; but one way is leaving Canada’s international newcomers isolated, unsupported, and in a state of complete unknown. This episode’s guest, Raquel Dias, arrived in Toronto one month before the pandemic announcement. With her Embassy telling her to flee back to Portugal before borders shut, she decided to stay and has since found a job and settled here against all odds. We discuss how the pandemic has been both her biggest struggle and biggest win; and she offers us a refreshing, much-needed, optimistic outlook for the days ahead.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All about Portimão, Portugal, dealing with all those pale British tourists(!), and the differences between the Spanish and Portuguese people.
  • The logistics of a multicultural relationship: How Raquel (Portuguese) speaks Spanish with her Italian boyfriend!
  • Her experience leaving +20°c in Portugal and arriving 24 hours later to -20°c in Toronto.
  • Some top tips for applying for jobs and making new friends virtually during a global pandemic.
  • A huge dose of much-needed positivity and an optimistic outlook for 2021.

PLUS, a surprise poetry reading! Raquel shares her touching Portuguese poem about homesickness and its conflicting messages.

Links & Resources:

Raquel’s poem “v de volition”:
há uma voz perdida na multidão
uma voz que resgata a saudade e sussurra
ou seria

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