S 1 Ep 16 – Food Culture | Kaori from Japan

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Food Culture: Food has the power to unite people, cross language barriers and bond us between cultures. This episode’s guest, Kaori Hisada, moved from Japan to Canada 13 years ago. She shares her unique journey from reggae dancer who had never picked up a knife, to becoming a successful sous-chef in downtown Toronto. We cover Kaori’s best recommendations for Japanese cuisine, Toronto’s culinary hotspots and what you can do if you’re an aspiring chef. She also discusses her struggle to learn English and how she forced herself to take a job in an English-speaking restaurant to overcome it. Her story is one of perseverance and the ultimate career pivot.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Reality check: All about Sapporo’s winter season and how, in comparison, it really isn’t *that* cold in Canada!
  • The best Japanese dishes to try on Hokkaido island and what you SHOULD be ordering at your local sushi restaurant.
  • Some words of encouragement and simple advice to learn English faster.
  • The best street food and festivals to check out in Toronto.
  • All about Kaori’s famous Octopus balls or “Takoyaki”!

PLUS, some inspiration for aspiring chefs! How Kaori learnt her trade from others in the business and by watching YouTube.

Links & Resources:

  • Follow Kaori on Instagram: @kaorifromtakoyaki6ix
  • Unfortunately, the vegetarian restaurant recommended by Kaori in this episode, run by a Japanese immigrant, has since closed.
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