S 1 Ep 14 – Parenting Abroad | Terence from Malaysia

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Wondering how to tell your kids that the family is moving abroad? Worried about how you can prepare them or how they will settle into their new school? You asked, we listened! In this episode, we cover parenting abroad from all angles with Terence Chee from Malaysia. He shares his experience as a parent moving his family of 4 to Canada from Kuala Lumpur. Then, podcast host, Kate shares the child’s point of view after moving from England to France when she was 12 years old.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All about Kuala Lumpur and the gel that holds it together: The food!
  • Parenting abroad: Moving a family of 4 to Toronto and their 1st impressions of the city.
  • What factors to consider when choosing a new neighbourhood for your family.
  • How early to tell your kids about an upcoming move and how best to include them in the process.
  • The simple ways to lessen your kid’s culture shock.
  • The most essential appointment to make upon your arrival to learn about the Canadian schooling system.
  • What to look out for: The struggles that your children may have and how siblings can help one another.
  • The differences between Malaysian education and Canadian education!

PLUS, watching your kids be influenced by Canadian culture and how to keep them in touch with their roots.

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