S 1 Ep 12 – Positive Mindset & Productivity | Devesh from UAE

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A positive mindset and a productive plan of action can make or break your move abroad. This week’s guest is Progressholic podcast host, Devesh Tilokani. He is an international student who moved solo from Dubai to London ON, 3 years ago when he was only 18 years old. In this episode, Devesh shares his passion for personal growth and the different tactics he uses to bounce back when feeling low, in a rut or demotivated. We chat about his experience growing up in Dubai, bust some popular myths about UAE and bond over our love of podcast hosting.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Why growing up in Dubai allowed Devesh to move to Canada without any culture shock.
  • Dubai myth-busting: Asking the awkward questions about popular UAE stereotypes.
  • Sick family members overseas: How Devesh coped when he received the news about his Dad’s heart attack and was unable to rush home.
  • Positive Mindset: The simple ways to ‘snap out’ of those energy lulls and start building consistent positive habits.
  • The best meditation tip for when your mind won’t shut off!!
  • Productivity: Batching and the 80/20 Rule! How to make the most of your time abroad and boost your efficiency.

PLUS, how Devesh got the infamous nickname “the Oil Prince” at Canadian parties…

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