S 1 Ep 10 – Relationships Abroad | Ollie & Shonagh from Ireland

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Backpacking couple, Ollie & Shonagh from Kilkenny, Ireland, share their experiences travelling together through 31 countries and how they ended up living long-term in Vancouver. Their honest account of the ups and downs is delivered alongside hilarious stories and lessons learnt along the way.  They share a warning to not always believe the “idyllic” picture of living abroad that many people share but also stress the importance of embracing your journey. We discuss relationships and how to best support one another when navigating huge life changes and they advise those looking to move to Canada on what to research beforehand to lessen the stress.

You don’t want to miss:

  • All you need to know about growing up in rural Ireland.
  • Stories from their backpacking trip across 31 countries and counting… Including surviving a typhoon!
  • An honest review of moving to Vancouver and the struggles faced when looking for work and making new friends.
  • Preparing for your move: How to keep your expectations in check when talking to other people about the living abroad experience and the most useful things to research.
  • Canadian friendship culture: The differences they have noticed between the depth of personal connections here and in Ireland.
  • The benefits of moving abroad as a couple, the importance of communication and how to support one another through the ups and downs.

PLUS, what NOT to do when sleeping in your car in Canada (hint: don’t freeze to death and bring bear spray!)

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