The ‘Moving to Canada’ Party 🥳

Kate and Michelle

We are here to tackle the two areas that newcomers to Canada struggle with the most:

👉 CAREER:  Navigating the Canadian job market and rebuilding your success abroad.
👉 EMOTIONS:  Finding your support network and feeling settled and ‘at home’.

We’ve packed in tons of advice into this FREE hour, and added plenty of our own personal experiences as well.

Ready to get your Canada move on track? Join us below…

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What’s next?

The New to Canada Academy

The New to Canada Academy

Inside this self-guided video course and international community, I’m joined by relocation experts, real estate agents, career coaches, and psychologists to give you the exact information and support you need to flourish in Canada. LEARN MORE.

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Newcomer Journal

The Journal Only

Get ready to track all your Canadian adventures! 📚 LEARN MORE.
This 5-year memory book – specifically created for those who move overseas – is waiting to be filled with all your immigration memories and experiences.

Write down what you’ve been up to each month and create a keepsake to always look back on.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Kate – The founder of the Newcomer Collective.

In 2016, I fell in love with a tanned, carefree Canadian whilst travelling through Thailand. Cue an unexpected move across the world: From a crowded English city to a new lake life in rural Ontario…

I quickly realised that building a new life in Canada comes with a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Throw in a brutal Canadian winter season and you can start to feel isolated and overwhelmed. I craved a place to connect with others who were going through the same struggles as me. I wanted to hear other people’s experiences and advice so that I could be one step ahead.

So I created one! I started hosting virtual and in-person socials so that I could meet other newcomers. I created the ‘New to Canada’ podcast where I interview internationals from all over the world who have moved here. All with the goal of showing how wonderfully diverse Canada is and of proving that we are NOT alone.

This is the place to hear each other’s honest stories and inspiring achievements. We are a pretty cool bunch.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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