They’re here, all 50 of them

Dozens of internationals already living in Canada have shared what they WISH they knew BEFORE they moved – and the full collection is waiting for you below…
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Here are your free tips!

This guide is packed with fun facts and insider info from internationals living in Canada. From Canadian slang to watch out for to winter tips to what to expect emotionally from the move…

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It doesn’t end here… 👀

Since moving to Canada from the UK in 2017, I’ve put together a bunch of fantastic resources to help you settle into your new life. Here are a few of my favourites:

The New to Canada Podcast 🎧

I’m so proud of this show – currently on Season 4 and 180,000+ downloads and counting!

It’s *the* place for internationals from around the world to share their honest, real-life experiences of moving to Canada. Has someone from your country been featured yet?

New to Canada Podcast

The New to Canada Academy 🎓

Moving to a new country can get overwhelming FAST…

       🇨🇦  Tired of all the Google searches, blog posts, Facebook groups, and webinars?

       🇨🇦  Looking for a supportive community of others going on the same journey as you?

The New to Canada Academy is an online video course and community that gives you the exact information and expert support you need

All in ONE convenient place.
New to Canada Academy
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Pre-Arrival Prep
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The “Life Admin”
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Canadian Culture
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Career + Social Life
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Emotional Tools
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The Newcomer Journal ✏️ 

Grab a copy of this 5-year memory book so you never forget your crazy immigration adventure!

Made with love, specifically for those who move abroad – Use the monthly spaces to write down your experiences, document all the progress you’re making, and create a cherished keepsake to look back on for years to come. Learn more.